Sunday, 8 July 2012

Now, the challenge...

I set about researching the collection and soon enough, found myself at a favourite haunt of mine, the Project Gutenberg website which has a bookshelf page dedicated to the collection.  Reading down the list of titles, I found books I have already full or in part as well as a number that I have yet to read.
It was at that moment that the idea struck me.  Why not try reading the whole list?
So, the challenge I have set for myself is to obtain and read all of the works listed by Elliot with a few augmentations:
I am to obtain all the works as cheaply as possible, avoiding where possible, eBooks and actual volumes of the collection.
Second, where Elliot has chosen extracts from books, such as the Bible, I will instead read the complete work.
Thirdly, Elliot's selction might have been appropriate in 1909, but since then, many significant works have been published that might also belong on the shelf, so I might throw in the odd extra here and there.
Finally, the original historical works are fairly biased towards American history.  Although I am not aversed to improving my knowledge in this area, I may also include some British historical works to compliment wherever appropriate.

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